A Doctor is a doctor; is not a doctor. Are you PhinisheD yet?

As confusing as the article's title is a human resources (HR) manager may be just as equally confused. There are alot of doctoral degrees available from globally accepted and accredited universities. People who attend these universities work hard to earn their degrees. There are others who may state they have a doctoral degree in say divinity. Very exciting until the HR manager finds out that the person paid $39.95 for the degree from a university degree mill. Sometimes we need to have a process for fact checking prospective employees. It is important to differentiate between someone that is a PhinisheD (PhD) graduate and those who are still working on their degree. I use the term Phin

What do you consider harassment? ILKA speaks.

You may have seen an ongoing deluge of information about sexual harassment and sexual assaults in the workplace recently with particular emphasis on key individuals with substantial power such as the film mogul, Harvey Weinstein, and others. These individuals had one thing in common, they utilized their power and authority to either have consensual or nonconsensual sex, unwanted touch, or inappropriate behavior over other's careers. I have read many posts on Facebook and other social media sites where individuals ask for DNA proof that the incidents occurred. Or that the time limits have expired to file complaints. Yet, is that accurate? In the military, there has been a push to reduce an

Sometimes what we get is life lessons.

Often I am in awe of the things people are able to accomplish personally and professionally. A soldier turned actor, an NFL player turned Congressional Representative, a high school drop out turned doctor, a bartender turned boxer. All possible to accomplish; yet, when someone sees these individuals the initial perception of who they are may only be based upon their job title and the visual image that is presented. Every employee, every friend, every family has a back story that sometimes is not shared. The back story grows and grows until it becomes public knowledge. This is also true for a group of twelve individual bartenders in New York City (NYC) from a variety of backgrounds with

Moral Injury: Management of internal pain and those who experience it in the workplace.

In my September 2017 article on LinkedIn, I presented a powerful argument about Moral Injury. This topic addressed military service along with the impact of feelings of guilt and sadness that happens from military action. These actions impact active duty and veteran military personnel. I define moral injury as actions that go against what we know is appropriate behavior and actions. It is not the little lies or taking a pen from the bank after signing a document. Rather, moral injury is a deep and abiding overall trauma to the soul. This trauma is based upon extreme and unprecedented life events and the aftermath of those events. There is a mental clash between what our morals, judgments,

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