Career Coach and Trainer Certification Program


Seeking to start a portable career?  Are you seeking new experiences that will help you create a viable business?  Are you an entrepreneur at heart hating the 9-5 daily grind and commute?  Did you graduate with a Master's Degree in key human behavior topics?  Most of all do you like to help people become a success?  Then this post degree training opportunity may be your ticket to your next success in your career.  Career Coaching may be just for you!

What is a Certified Career Services Coach and Trainer?

Designing your Success.

​In this career field you will provide job coaching and professional development to your

clients.  A career coach generally will have a master's degree in counseling psychology

or related field from a nationally accredited university.

Most career coach and trainer service providers will have in-depth training in areas of career development

and behavior based learning with up to 80+ hours of onsite and virtual classroom instruction and coaching

from a qualified instructor and coach.  

A Certified Career Coach and Trainer can work in a variety of settings.  These setting may include a career group facilitator, job search coach, career resource center coordinator/supervisor, career coach, case manager, intake interviewer, labor market specialist, human resources coordinator, or workforce development staff employee. 


Many professional group often do not recognize various providers as not being professional advisors or counselors.  Through the use of standardized training and development, we are able to create and align industry standards and key training requirements that will lead to credentialing opportunities for career providers.  This is accomplished through our collaborative partnerships.   

It is through these partnerships that we are able to provide you the opportunity to obtain CCSP credentialing opportunities through a warm hand off.  Individuals who have completed the required training programs are eligible to apply for the competency based credential.  

Are you interested in becoming a Certified Career Coach and Trainer?  Please click on the PDF file below to find how to qualify for this new business development skills development opportunity.