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P2 Careers:  Designing Lifelong Career Development

Designing your Success: Transforming dreams into success!

How would you describe your success?  Did you just go with the flow in your career or

did you have a plan for your lifelong career success with milestones?  Have you been

impacted by COVID-19 losing employment or being furloughed during the pandemic?

Planning a career will help employees plan for their future while enjoying their

current lifestyle.  Jumping into the deep waters of success requires planning and

the desire to create employee lifelong career plans.  

How does P2 Careers work with you to design your next success and career?  

Let's face it.  In 2020, most employees will have 3-4 career changes in their lives.  These

employees over a lifetime learn to change their passions into paid employment over a lifetime.  

Based upon the level of individual need, P2 Careers staff works with clients to assess their current employment and career field.  Using career evaluation tools, we begin the process of each client getting to know themselves.  This is the career exploration phase.  We combine your individual values, interests, strengths, ambitions and trains into a potential career track.  

Then we utilize career coaching to explore career options that determines industries, firms, and career options in either vocational or professional career paths providing insight into key requirements to success.  P2 Career staff works with early and mid-career clients to turn individual passions into paid employment.  Once this is decided, the career coach works with the client to remain focused and take action to court firms and organizations towards actual employment.  Senior executive and leadership clients are enrolled into ILKA Technologies, Inc.'s executive coaching and leadership development programs.

Tools and Technologies to create measurable career development and learning success.

P2 Careers works with clients to develop a lifelong career plan using the latest tools and

technology to create the needed steps towards success.  These tools include:

- Technology based 360 feedback assessment evaluations

- Psychological career evaluation and testing (current career and skills to create a workable

   vision of future employment outlook)

- Technology based career transition services (military to civilian, civilian to private sector,

   and post retirement services)

- Development of a lifelong career development plan

P2 Careers Proprietary Programs:

- SMART Career Transition 

- Supervisory Training and Development

- Transition Intelligence Scales - measures career readiness

For more information about ILKA Technologies, Inc. and P2 Careers, email us at

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