Organizational and Systems Change Consultants

We see things that others may not.

Our vision is not based upon what is seen from the outside of an organization looking in.  It goes deeper.  We know that hiring the right team for the right job is critical to the success of any organizational, individual, or stakeholder change and development process.  There are people and firms who advertise they are consultants; yet, they may lack the empathy, education and expertise to fulfill organizational development and change efforts timely and with great skill and professionalism.   

Often ILKA is asked "“What is Organizational Development?"  Organizational Development is an effort that is:

  • Planned

  • Organization-wide with an examination of the people and systems that sustain the organization using best practices 

  • Managed from the top

  • Increase organization effectiveness and health

  • Utilizes planned interventions in the organization's "processes” utilizing psychology based knowledge of human behavior and interactions.

ILKA takes this consulting method one step further.  We focus upon development of your organizations's capabilities through alignment of mission, strategy, structure, management programs and processes, people, and rewards.

ILKA works with our clients to align goals with strategies. This creates systemic change along with organizational professional growth based upon key core competencies, skills, behaviors, and other traits necessary for superior performance of the individual and your organization.

Create a new vision by becoming a member of our family; join us.