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E-Learning and

Curriculum Design Solutions


Designing for solutions.

ILKA loves to design and create learning solutions.  We research and design curriculum and educational solutions.  With COVID-19, we are excited to continue our work remotely.  There is not a learning solution or technology platform challenge that we are not excited to create and support.  

Our team LOVES to build and design new things.  We provide virtual 3D design and development of e-learning systems and games.  Our consultants utilize game theory processes and methods to  collaborate with our design team to create new and exciting projects based upon client specifications.

ILKA blends sound technology with behavioral psychology and educational theories to create systems that engage and spark learning.  We create innovative solutions utilizing our rapid prototyping process known as Design and Innovation Thought Method (DITM)(C).


Our designs are cost effective, empower learners, excite facilitators and meet the requirements for disability adaptation. ILKA designs and integrates e-learning solutions with other technology applications and services.  From concept to curriculum development to overall product or service design and deployment; ILKA is there to support your needs.

Our past products have been disability evaluated by NFL athletes with traumatic brain injury.  Key to any design is the ability of all users to access and learn on any platform with little difficulty. 

Come design with us!

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