I INNOVATE.                                                         I AM YOU...




I had a dream - I can now live it.
"When I was 17 I wanted to be..."; "When I was 35 I decided I would be..."  I am now free to choose my path. I am free to be me!
Are you an entrepreneur?
Some people want to work for themselves and may struggle to obtain the knowledge required to successfully manage their business. Through the Five Unknown Women Program, ILKA shortens your learning curve while providing a forum for you to rise above the urgent and focus upon what is most critical; the strategic decisions that will drive your business to the next level.
Many small business owners currently make all the decisions on their own without the support of peer groups and coaches.  The owners may get so mired in the company that they neglect other key relationships while being unable to keep up with industry trends.  This may lead to the business owner into a situation where they are unable to secure necessary resources to create further growth.  Businesses begin to stagnate and you, as the business owner, may end up in a cycle of putting out fires instead of resolving issues strategically.  When you spend your life with a fire hose; you will just eventually get wet as the fires continue to resist efforts to be put out.
The Five Unknown Women Program provides you with unbiased, confidential advice from peers and business leaders who have resolved similar challenges.  The program teaches you how to have work-life balance by collaboratively creating processes and systems within your business that allow for seamless operations.  Quality of life is our key mantra to entrepreneurs.
Through membership, we connect you directly with subject matter experts for personalized advice and professional growth.  This will aid you in the creation of strategic plans and decisions that will lead to long term growth.  You will gain a unique perspective and insights from other entrepreneurs on how to finance your business and fuel their companies' growth. 
The Challenge, Change and the Power of Choice.
                                    Often we want to change; yet, fear becomes the little voice that tells us why we cannot
                                  accept the challenge to change and choose to be an entrepreneur.  We love challenges, yet, fear                                    that we will not succeed.  Barriers such as fear of not earning enough money to support your
                                  family; fear of stepping outside of our comfort zones; or simply not understanding the process 
                                  required to create a business. 
 As prospective business owners, we do internet searches for this and that; yet, we do not have all the general knowledge in one place.  The puzzle becomes confusing and sometimes the pieces do not fit together.  So we stagnate and stay in the comfort zones of our typical job as we continue to dream of a different life.  Many military careers do not allow spouses to have a business, right?  Or if you do have a business it invariably must be a multi-level marketing program, Right?  Wrong!!  If you have the passion and a great idea; you will succeed with our help and coaching.  Let us show you how.  How to create a business, develop the business, and then expand the business into single or multiple locations and offices. Let's learn together to market your products and services beyond the neighborhood.  Sometimes we need to step outside of our comfort zones.
The key to entrepreneurship is that we always have a choice in how we conduct our lives.  Yet, we stagnate because we lack the basic knowledge to enact our dreams.  This lack of knowledge becomes the root cause of failure.  Membership in The Five Unknown Women Program, provides key benefits to entrepreneurs as we work to develop your business.  We have subject matter experts in various scientific fields and small business experts who will provide you strategic input as a member of the program.  
We teach you how to obtain funding for your business and individuals to support your programs and services.  We coach you through the process of development of the firm, incorporation, to expansion of services.  Join us as we grow together!