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Executive Leadership Development

Soaring to new heights!!

Are you flying high in your career?  Or do you experiencing perpetual highs and lows?  Is your plane stuck on the tarmack never leaving the gate?   Join ILKA Technologies, Inc. as we soar to new heights together.


At ILKA Technologies, Inc. you never walk alone.  Our staff is with you every step of the way!  ILKA's executive leadership program answer an age old question of "why people do what they do?"  Are you telling just enough to get by?  Or are you telling all facts or the "just right model" of telling just enough to obtain approval from senior leaders and management without telling the entire facts? 


It is not enough to simply train an employee; rather we must create an experience that will resonate with the learner to create long term leadership skills development.   ILKA uses our expertise in human behavior to create individual and organizational changes through the use of strategic systems and processes.  Our services include:

Executive Coaching

Individual and Organizational Psychological Assessments

Leadership Development

Professional services that meet the OPM X-118 Standards and Executive Leadership Requirements

Team building and group dynamics

Examination of the system that leaders work within

Come grow with us!!!

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