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Healthcare Management

Healthcare in the global community continues to be a challenge.  ILKA's staff has hands on expertise in the development of government healthcare systems (TRICARE).  Creation or revision of a healthcare system can be a monumental effort unless you hire the right people for the right job.  If the system fails then process improvements will not take place impacting the overall health and wellness of multiple communities.

Healthcare is one of the most controversial topics in our country and globally.  Creating a healthcare system that works while meeting the needs of the patients within the system is critical.  ILKA utilizes our expertise in design and development of large scale healthcare systems to create new growth and development opportunities for our clients.  We provide consulting services that align healthcare corporate goals with individual organizational goals.  Our services include:

-Development of mental health and medical clinic systems

-Management and oversight of medical services

-Coordination of healthcare staffing

-Training and professional development 

-HIPPA training

-Credentially of key staff

Come join our family of clients!  We look forward to serving you!

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