ILKA Executive Development Program: Leadership Challenges

The Five Unknown Women often hear tales of senior military leaders who spend a great deal of time going from installation to installation to meet and greet organizational leaders.  Yet, many times leaders are also simultaneously striving for excellence while navigating a complicated organizational landscape.  The Five Unknown Women Program guides senior leaders to become empowered to reach new levels as extraordinary leaders.  This is accomplished through executive coaching and peer groups.  Within this process we connect you to an elite group of peers and experts who confidentially address personal and professional challenges through guidance by an accomplished coach.  This permits you to gain new insights and develop a powerful network of relationships to hone your leadership skills while pushing your career to the next level.  


                      Innovation and Accountability:  Career Development. 

                       Often your are held accountable for your current and proposed future development; yet, you may only feel  partially in control and     

                      ability to achieve results.  Learn how like minded professionals have successfully navigated the conundrum of leading while achieving

                      personal and professional alignment and influence in the direction of their careers and their organization.   This can only be 

                      accomplished through collaboration and creation of a vision through strategic planning.  This will help you grow to your next level of success.  Instead of being burdened with navigating competing priorities and conflicting and often unreasonable expectations; learn new skills with us to be your best authentic self.  

Our program surrounds you with high-performing peers who are committed to become superlative leaders.  The Five Unknown Women challenge you to perform at your peak levels while continuously adapting to your every changing military to civilian work environment.  Obtain unbiased, honest feedback from our staff to aid you to think critically about the most effective path forward in your career and job search.