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Military and Family Readiness

A great place for families and service members to visit and learn.

As veterans ourselves, we care.

We know that every family member, active duty personnel, and veteran have unique and individual experiences that impact their lives.  We are here to help.

Being ready for the next move, next job, next career takes preparation, great health, and a great life plan.  Incorporating family into the continual changes in the military lifestyle is crucial to the success of your success as a military or government professional.  

Development of strategies and plans to address continual lifestyle changes of a service member is crucial to the success of the service member, his or her spouse, and extended family.  It is about family.

To answer the call to serve military families, ILKA provides the following services: 

Veteran and Service Member Career Transition Services

Vocational Training

Family Member Career Services

Personal Finances

Veteran Transition

Wounded Warrior Services


We are not just in the service field because we get paid; as a veteran organization we care about each individual and family we work with as we drive people towards success.

Come join us and become part of the ILKA family of clients!  We look forward to seeing you!

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