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The Five Unknown Women Program.

The Five Unknown Women, is a leadership and development program designed for military spouses and retiring military service members.  Designed by five unknown women with master's and doctoral degrees in psychology, human resources, leadership, executive coaching, and life sciences, the program is based upon theoretical models of psychology, career transition and development, and human interconnectedness. 


The program is a membership program that is designed to create and develop current and future leaders within a variety of industries.  This program offers a configurable talent development approach that completely engages each participant while participating in a process of collaborative career and personal development in order to create and maintain a higher level of performance.

The Five Unknown Women Program will design a customized, relevant, engaging, and interative process of engagement that is rooted in the sound science of human behaviors and expectations.  Within the program, participants will be able to obtain training, professional development, and other key services necessary to transition from one duty station to another or transition from the military to your new life.

Executive Coaching:  Membership has its Privileges. 

An invaluable benefit readily available to all participants of this program is executive coaching.  Members of The Five Unknown Women Program have unique accesses and touch points to a large number of extremely successful former Senior and Mid-level military leaders who are now currently successful industry leader professionals.  These Subject Matter Experts will collaborate and work closely with all participants of the program desiring assistance.   They will be able to collaborate, mentor and help personalize their approach in successfully transitioning into their newly desired career fields.  Many of these now successful industry leader professionals understand the challenging military lifestyle and will be able to offer lessons learned via speaker workshops virtually or within live training sessions to all participants that will promote focus, maximize their talents, and create a vision of the future of all the candidates. 

Speakers Program.

Listening to the same person each time that you attend a training or professional development activity may just cause you to take a nap!!  Learning from multiple people who bring life experience to your world will inspire your team and yourself with new ideas, team development, strategic innovations, and solutions to age old problems.  You will leave each speaker session inspired, motivated, and refreshed to take on new challenges based upon your learning.  ILKA believes that a culture of learning within your current and new organization will follow creating a new synergy for team and individual development.

Membership:  It is about your needs!

Our programs are configurable based upon individual and organizational needs.  One of the Five Unknown Women will be at the center of your program guiding and developing conversations and collaboration.  We don't tell you what you need; we listen and coach.  There is no one right pill or prescription that is the answer.  Rather, you will develop a deeper personal and professional knowledge base and commitment to personal development and impact to your current and new team.  Through this process you will be able to develop alignment between those things that derail you and those things that will lead you to a higher level of performance.  As your professional needs change; so will your membership profile and service needs change.  ILKA will flex membership based upon individual needs.  This ensures that the Five Unknown Women continue to provide maximum value to you and your organization.




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