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Our Practice Areas


Education & Training

Learning should be FUN and engaging!  Join us!!!

Serving governments and private sector.

Learn to Read

It is not enough to create a program or service to provide professional development activities.  Sitting in a course for eight hours is often not the best use of an employee's time. The exception to this is facilitating from the middle utilizing hands on training activities that are memorable, thought provoking, and challenging.

ILKA's professional development program includes curriculum development and design.  ILKA uses engaging virtual 3D technology platforms, and key employee, supervisory, and senior management skills to facilitate learning.

All programs are designed around the OPM's 5 executive core qualifications and 5 subcompetencies tied to successful employment, management, and upward mobility.


Executive Leadership Development and Coaching Services 

Are you flying high?

Man Preparing to Fly a Plane

ILKA Technologies, Inc.'s leadership practices are focused upon developing current and future leadership in a variety of industries. 


In this practice area, ILKA focuses upon five core executive competencies.  We go beyond simply providing learning; ILKA incorporates practical applications in our programs and services such as case studies and introspective examinations of self and others.

Services include psychological assessments, executive leadership development, and executive coaching services.


Media Service Group

Leadership through fact driven media.


In this practice area, ILKA utilizes fact based information to address key national, state, and local issues inside and outside of government.

As part of our media service group, ILKA provides videography services as part of our various programs.  We utilize our community knowledge and leadership skills to assess process improvements through servant leadership methods.


Our media service group addresses key community issues such as homelessness, suicide, and mental health as part of our programs and services.  This is accomplished through researching, writing, and creating longer term solutions that are marketed to the public.  




Military Family Readiness

Military spouses are at the heart of the military family.


In this practice area, ILKA and P2 Careers provide educational and career development services to military family members.  We go beyond military family services programs and move to the heart of the issues negatively impacting military spouses:  long term employment and family leadership and relationship skills.

Our firm provides a safe place to collaborate and learn business skills in order to advance careers inside and outside of the military.

Join us as we work together to create viable careers and opportunities!


Human Resources and Best Practices

Leadership from within...

Business People Applauding

Human capital drives organizations.  To manage human capital is to create the foundation of innovation and design.  

ILKA's staff, in this practice area, consults with you to expand or reduce staffing while keeping an eye upon financial bottom lines.  

We use best practices in Human Resources that include examination of performance management systems, factors impacting retention, new hires, and bringing in the best talent for the right job.  

As organizational development consultants we are able to examine all sides of the HR puzzle to incorporate systemic change needs within the organization.  

Join us as we walk together towards our future successes!


Human Centered Design - Design and Innovation Thought Method (DITM)

Designing change: Steps towards organizational success.

DITM Course1 (2).jpg

Innovation is key to developing cost effective programs and services.  Yet, many leaders spend years working to change an organization's strategic mission and path.  Conversely, through DITM, leaders are able to learn how to rapidly prototype and develop changes in products, services, and organizational culture.  Sometimes it only takes marshmallows, string, spaghetti and tape to create outside the box organizational solutions and change. 

Program is designed over a 30 day period with a two day bootcamp and a two day practical application. Team coaching is provided along with transformational, authentic, and servant leadership facilitation.


Organizational Systems Consultants

Creating Change: Vision, Passion, and Perspective.

Image by Drew Graham

Creating organizational change and improvements requires a collaborative and fact driven leadership style.  As consultants we examine not only the people and current organizational needs; we go beyond to develop a long term strategic plan that meets desired outcomes.

ILKA's consulting practice utilizes fact based consultation methods.  We often discover hidden elements leading our consultants to core issues that may impact forward movement within the client's firm.  


Diversity and Inclusion

Our differences create our uniqueness and one not anyone can do this (life) alone...

Group Students Smilling

The Bible speaks of God loving all people.  Yet, in our nation we often forget that the diversity of our communities is what makes our society a viable place to live and work.  Our diversity is key to creating inclusion.  

In this practice area, ILKA works with community leaders to address key factual and false narratives that impact society and the community.  We research, analyze, and create forward movement through innovation and design of focused solutions.  

As a women's and disabled advocate, in the community, ILKA's staff works to create legislation and influence outcomes in public service and perception.


Join us as we work to be the change we wish to see in the world.    


P2 Careers:  Designing Lifelong Career Paths

Steps into your next success:

map out your career.jpg

In this practice area, ILKA utilizes career counseling skills to provide B2B and business to people services. 


Our lifelong career services includes the use of technology based tools to explore and advance clients' goals and proposed career options in both vocational and professional career fields.

Within our programs, we provide psychological evaluations through 360 feedbacks and also career readiness evaluations. 

Walk with us to create your next career!!


Employment Requirements

Our Staff

Business Meeting

Our staff holds educational credentials in leadership and management.  ILKA's employee educational standards for our services include:

Professional Services

Master Degree in an accredited psychology based program (Counseling, I/O Psychology, Organizational Development, Organizational Leadership).

Doctoral degree for executive leadership and executive leadership training. ILKA mentors prospective employees and university students.

Experience in specific career fields relevant to services and industry serviced.

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