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Designed for the challenges of YOU; a trusted employee.

The Five Unknown Women Program is built by current and former military spouses and service members.  We have walked the walk of being "just the secretary" as we desired more for ourselves and our families through education and employment.  Being a military spouse is one of the most difficult jobs in the world.  We are in the military without drawing a military paycheck.  We move when we are told to where we must move.  We are often left behind to take care of our families as our spouses are deployed.

The good news is that military spouses are no longer "just" secretaries.  We are nurses, doctors, educators, psychologists, scientists, computer programmers; we are the trusted employees who navigate both corporate and government agencies.  Yet, as military spouses we are often challenged to find employment as we move from duty station to duty station.  Your resume may look like you are job jumping; yet, the reality is that life is causing you to jump. Let The Five Women Program and the actual five women provide you opportunities through our membership program.

Often, when applying for employment, you may be concerned that a potential employer sees you as too much of a risk; seeing your resume as inadequate and unproven.  They fail to pursue you as an employee and select someone with a long term history of employment with a single firm.  Yet, they may end up with someone who is not as skilled as you or motivated to create innovations within the programs and services.  

Join us and gain insights into how other respected professionals have transformed themselves into a valued asset while learning how to remain employed with your chosen firm even after you transfer to a new duty station.  Learn about your chosen firm and how to maximize the organization's capabilities so that you can do more from a different work location by learning examples of how others have successfully navigated these difficult waters while obtaining promotions.

Learn how to demonstrate your expertise to a broader audience - a community of like minded, highly intelligent individuals with a higher degree of integrity.  Through our career coaching; The Five Women focus upon your success.

Discover how others have managed to weave their individual values into each corporation's strong culture and business processes to maintain a high degree of service delivery and consistency.  Learn the importance of collaboration and mindfulness within the workplace.

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